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FZip is an Actionscript 3 class library to load, modify and create standard ZIP archives.

FZip parses ZIP archives progressively, allowing access to contained files while the archive is loading.

API Documentation





FZip is released under the OSI approved zlib/libpng license.


Claus Wahlers and Max Herkender


If you like FZip, please consider a small donation. We would greatly apprechiate it! (it pays our hosting bills)


Loads a ZIP archive containing 1000 PNG icons (available for download from famfamfam) and displays the icons on screen while loading.

Launch demo (requires Flash Player 9)

Demo source code


Checksum Patch

This patch is not required if FZip runs in the Adobe AIR runtime or if the files in the ZIP archive are stored uncompressed (formats such as GIF, JPEG, PNG or SWF for example are already compressed and do not need to be recompressed).

In order to be able to decompress compressed files in a ZIP archive, FZip requires the presence of an Adler32 checksum in addition to the standard CRC32 checksums contained in ZIP archives.

We provide a Python script that unobtrusively injects Adler32 checksums into ZIP archives. It is included in the FZip distribution under the 'tools' directory. In order to use this script, Python needs to be installed.

We also provide a Java tool to inject Adler32 checksums (courtesy of Damien Biggs, thanks!).


FZip 1.5 (11/27/2009)

FZip 1.0.062 (02/28/2008)

FZip 1.0.059 (02/25/2008)

FZip 1.0.055 (12/21/2007)

FZip 1.0.051 (10/04/2007)

FZip 1.0.049 (07/13/2007)

FZip 1.0.048 (06/25/2007)

FZip 1.0.045 (06/22/2007)

FZip 1.0.029 (10/11/2006)